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  • Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance (03/25/14) more info
  • The Effect of Job Flexibility on Women Labor Market Outcomes: Estimates from a Search and Bargaining Model (06/23/12) more info
  • Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey (11/25/11) more info
  • The Empirical Content of Models with Multiple Equilibria in Economies with Social Interactions (06/27/11) more info
  • What Do We Know about Discrimination in Latin America? Very Little! (12/13/10) more info
  • Statistical Discrimination (06/10/09) more info
  • The Performance of the Pivotal-Voter Model in Small-scale elections: Evidence from Texas Liquor Referenda (09/01/07) more info

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